The Power of Service

The Power of Service.

Service is the face of a business. It is the identity, one the business is known for, and remembered by long after an encounter.

Service is the currency used to trade in any business to gain its networth and network.

Every now and then, exigencies of the business environment demand a review of how service is done, a quick response to these changing trends becomes a game-changer.

Anticipating changes before they happen, close monitoring of the dynamics in the business environment, will give any business added leverage in its service management.

If anything, an opportunity to position itself at a vantage point, to cushion any effect of eventualities.

Much more than a frontliner smiling and being well trained in emotional intelligence, service is panoptic, traversing a business physical evidence, product quality, price, technology, customer engagement, human resource management etc. Service is the soul of a business.

Ignore service, and you toy with business continuity.

Happy Customer Service Week 2021

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