The face of service

Tangibility has always been a major distinguishing feature between product and service offerings. Given that products are seen, felt and essentially sized up before a buying decision is made, they are more easily assessable for value or quality. Not so easy for service, as it is usually a whole different journey per individual or client.

With the evolution of how business is done across the globe, service may now have a face. It is becoming increasingly easier to size up a service before deciding whether to buy or not.

Beyond physical evidence and employee appearance, communicaton gives service its face of personableness, or not.

How well are you attended to on your initial contact with a service provider, either via email or phone conversation?

Is there a long wait time before you get any response? Are you eventually left at the mercy of an automation?

Do you get the sense that the person at the other end is smiling or can not wait to get rid of you?

Are there any follow up calls or e-mails? Do they ever get back to you when they say they would?

Do they even acknowledge your e-mail by way of a hold mail if they are unable to provide you with answers outrightly?

What is the user interface on the web or mobile site like? Is it easily navigable? Is there an available option to contact a human in the event that automated communication fails to yield results?

If a service provider fails to treat you with some level of respect before you buy their service, chances are that you would be treated worse after getting onboard their client list.

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