Side Hustle

With the quest to attain some measure of self sufficiency or financial empowerment, there has become a more pressing need to engage in a side hustle. When regular 'day' jobs don't quite cut it, another stream of income is necessary.

Side hustles can run concurrently with a regular job, so long as there isn't any issue of conflict of interest. It is also recommended that proper time management is ensured, so as not to let anyone of them suffer, or get a person under any form of unhealthy strain.

Some people may choose to start a side hustle on a whim, while others give it more thought. Some are fully involved in the day to day dynamics of the business, others may choose to oversee from a distance. Whatever choice is opted for, a sustainability model is advised, for effective goal realization and continuity.

A simplistic approach can be adopted at the beginning, so that it doesn't become overwhelming and too demanding, afterall it's a side hustle. That is not to say that it must remain a side hustle forever.  For instance, a hobby, one's passion or a knowledge could be monetized to become a side hustle. Any one of these, brings ease and lightens the mood of making money, while selling a product or service.

Are side hustles compulsory? NO. Are they necessary? YES. With the changing economics of things, side hustles, no matter how small, come highly recommended.

Still in doubt of what side hustle to take on? Look around you, life presents so many opportunities. Don't slack, get your share.

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