E Choke! Who dey BREET!

Emeka has been struggling to clear his goods at the ports for the past week. He is in dire need of funds to get his goods and restock his shop.


Business is booming for Bola, her restaurant is overflowing with customers. It appears she is making large sales proceeds however she consistently experiences cash flow gaps. She is at a loss on why this is a recurring issue.


According to the business plan for his proposed despatch service business, the financial requirement exceeds Bello's budget by a few hundreds of thousands. His search for equity financing has just begun.


With passive income streams on Nengis mind, She is not quite certain which option to settle for. She desires a steady income flow at a specific interest rate on a regular basis, one which can be considered relatively risk-free.


Nicholas arrived home to meet a letter from his landlord. The content is clear; pay up or pack out. 


One thing that is common with the above scenarios, is that they are all in dire need of funding and/or business advisory, either for personal or business purposes.


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